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parrot the pathogenicity of this culture for guinea pigs was not of
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specific for relief of acute attacks, especially when
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Ill no disease. )iroliahly not e\ en in tiiheiciilosis, is it more important
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Fig. 6. Tubercle bacilli from original culture 8, European deer.
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Cooper 5 Donald N. Morgan .... Boonville J. C. Tincher Boonville
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and medical care for the citizens of rural Missouri, and
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Side-effects such as dizziness, headache, or nausea are rare
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nous injections of two cattle, one a 2-year-old heifer and the other a
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inspection, were affixed to packages of meat and meat products as
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choscopy were also negative for acid-fast bacilli. Patient
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visit of the committee. The windows and floors were clean. The floors were well
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intense and vomiting had recurred a number of times. When the
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acteristics. Three cats inoculated intrathoracically with this organ-
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to the so-called *' globulin '* offers no evidence for or against the purity
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because it controlled the pulmonary haemorrhage which was the indi-
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Fig. 21. — Simple and economical calf stanchions.
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be done. In the writer's opinion the standard weight of a farm mare
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vessel wall, even though he feels that in the majority these may have
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a,,. I (L' o\i.lati.,ii .)f tl,(. lowci. piiri,,(s.
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GYNECOLOGY — Intensive course, two weeks, starting
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Resrardint' the ciieniical nature of the product into which uric acid is
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which certificates of ordinary inspection were issued :
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ipa-e S22i. To these ini-ht he added the well-known fact that the simul-
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(Name of railroad company) United States Inspected and passed, as
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n,i,st,ti,..|,t parts of III,. „„.-l..i.-.a..i,l niol,.,.,,].. ., ■ l,v a sv„fi,..sis of tu..
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<ns' It will immobilize sperm in the fastest time recognizable
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Ellis Fischel State Cancer Hospital, Columbia, Mo.). —
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pounds and for fattening 273 pounds of timothy hay are required to
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By reason of the above order the packing house has been obliged to deduct
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for a reserve in accredited medical schools and hospitals
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liroxyl gniiliis has lircn cmitii im-cl liy liiidiiiu' that ai tdliidiiiidc is oli-
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tuberculin test, provided they are accompanied by a certificate Issued by a Canadian
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tion this year they do not lose their place at any time
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this mandate. The chairman of the committee is from
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be kept in the first phase of the third stage of anes-
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The conditions in the smoke rooms and other portions of the house connected there-
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no history indicative of syphilis, showed a heart hypertrophied more on
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