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themselves as such or to assume any title not especially granted by a

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professor of the Faculty who talked grandly about a mysterious

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tial in these cases than in the acute cases. As the

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Black on theCrloe The Urine In Health and Disease and

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of less acidity for this work than the one most suitable for

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of increasing doses of the tetanus toxin rendered a horse so highly immime

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The author has brought together the latest information on

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plished after long preparatory work in which this Society

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are given at length but httle light is shed on the morbid

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drooping of the upper lid the levator of which is supplied by the

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scarlet fever fall under one of four categories i. Cases of con

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scratching extends the prurigo and thus the patient goes on from bad

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subsequently by a bichloride solution and then the alcohol treatment. Its

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perature of the skin the peculiar excitation characteristic of

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deprive the body of material necessary to their growth but also leave

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remarkable way the case assumed an entirely different

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find but few references to the adaptation of centri

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Cysticerci have been described by various observers in

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with this modification of Jenner s stain specimens may be obtained in

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the Senator and.been past all surgenr. Next we have the evidence

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arthritis or of intestinal crises and secondly to make the most careful

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whilst in a third both nervous and vascular derangements may arise

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decidedly active or perturbating is ft gt te awMed. The tendency of the

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ing to the Bacillus coli comrnunis a too exclusive role in

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from Tic canvulsif. Patient has two brothers both likewise ab

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tracted twice but cases are not rare where a second infection has

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form occurs especially in children and sometimes without treatment

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uniform dull mustard colour or perhaps more nearly resembling that of pow

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these great advances. Each marks an epoch when medicine

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conspicuously the names of Horace A. Ackley Reuben D.

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perience shows that with cleanliness of person and of

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and lift it upwards then take the handle of a scalpel and

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