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little absorbent cotton in the bottom of the funnel will

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contractions which characterise the gravid uterus are almost always absent.

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an accumulation of embryonic cells in the neighborhood of the central

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as follows : That croup was but an extension of the disease known here-

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(c) Primary Amenorrhea due to Defects of Development. — In some of the

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^° Epp'mgev, Ref. Zeigler Beitr. z. path. Anat., 1890, IX. Dessy, La Settimana

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of wagon, March 29, 1883. Third day, gypsum splint;

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Jefferson Medical College, etc. Third edition, revised and enlarged, with illustra-

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case. Since the analysis of these cases, I have known gangrene to occur,

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ness of their friends, become more restless, more excitable, more violent

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I am lead to speak of the importance of this after a residence of seven years in

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furuuculus, are believed to encourage, by their warmth, the growth

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NIH Bureau Representative for the Evaluation, Selection and Placement

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been present from birth, yet this has not been mani-

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Stewart. Lyell R., hospital steward, is relieved from duty at

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would place the patient beyond the possibility of rescue, even by opera-

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One of the most frequent results of trauma is injury to the intra-

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property. Women, like household goods, he considered common prop-

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(d) Age.-T-Typhoid fever may occur at any age. It is, however, especially

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however slight, and that such books should be fumi-

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cluding the four limbs, the tongue, and the voluntary muscles of the

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he need not stay in bed, but gradually return to the mobilizing

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provided with an effectual Jledical service. Professor Gosse-

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case was one of simple tardy dilatation. He saw her

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of investigation and demonstrated to be a malady of

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with the " low mortality," as it has been called, of the

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articles by Dr. Thomas Lewis. Perhaps the most important

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him, he may justly consider his own as a favor conferred

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eyelid against the eye, owing to the moisture which comes

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noticed underneath the upper portion of the left sterno-

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media are described, and there is a fairly useful description of the

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