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Likewise, in making incisions near the posterior border of the soft

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may be physical incapacity in the husband to procreate : he may be too old

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tember, in company with a friend who takes a very deep

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to insure its complete removal without removing much healthy bone.

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the elbow and wrist. As his lung trouble was progressing

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cal illustration. I passed on, bat with no marked sign of in-

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have added to its value. —.4m. Fractiiio7itr, Jan.

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ish Medical Journal ") reports a severe case of uterine hemorrhage

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ities, sweating, anxious expression, great weakness and profuse hem-

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Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, Dr. Richard H.

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cle, then the solid circumscribed swelling beneath, sur-

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years and years, and they are really " pickled '' and hard, and difficult to

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described, in the rectum, announcing the want of defecation, and

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could only bo repaired by an instrument maker. Perhaps the

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These now number 13, and the total membership is 650. The

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Whereas, We have learned with deep regret of the death of our esteemed

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syndrome. Exactly what role compression boots have in

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individually that they know members of their own Profession

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of smallpox in the United States are in the territory

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shut with spasmodic quickness, or are widely retracted. The mouth

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The greatest rainfall in 24 hours was .28 inch on the 9th. The

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kidneys at all, and others which are undoubtedly weak pass a good

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of the condition, may in the end have far graver results than the severe

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