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incompatibility even where the preliminary tests have been reported favor-
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furthermore, perform the Porro operation for carcinoma of the uterus, and
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two hours after the beginning of the symptoms. A few other cases have
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with the drug. In other words, the element of good faith must
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constituent Society shall be entitled to one delegate for each fifty
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increase occurs, this being observed in actual practice in about 8 per cent.
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of cases. Notes of twenty cases are given, in twelve of which the perforation
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cerned. I cannot well see how pronounced forms, especially if held
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seen at the Out-door Department of the Hospital for Ruptured and
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flammatory or may be tuberculous ; in the latter instance, often consecutive to
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which had been sealed over. This opening was closed and the area
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physician a great many functions, but in doing so it has made him
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oblong in shape, originating in the arachnoid or dura, and although it never
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The gross anatomical appearance of the lungs in the pneumonic cases dif-
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True I have seen them go on to a progressive deterioration after
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were employed, but generally to no advantage. Porak believes that the
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sac was irrigated with Dakin's solution, there was no question of the pa-
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ever, that since the increased heart action usual in connection with
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roform and ether, a crucial incision opened freely the joint, which dis-
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limit of the pleura; but if by chance either pleura or peritoneum be opened,
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splenic flexure of the colon, and it was quite evident that the
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opportune time, I am sure, and no more righteous tribunal to
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It is itttersting to note that there had developed a fistula from
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this method was employed. In my opinion favorable cases will
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a certain part requires replacement, not the whole of a complex
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Norman G. age 16. U. S. Student. On September 2, 1918, while
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d. There are many cases which you may rightly call pulmonary
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attacks of blood-poisoning following vaccination have been in children in
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motor disturbances and affections of absorptive power are always attended

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