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education ; and far more than a due proportion of them were members of
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irregular continents, and contrasting sharply in colour with the natural
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man they would do so ; and if the person struck resented the blow, they
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Boeok. Arch. f. Derm. u. Syph. 1875, p. 23. — 4. Bollinger. Arch. f. Derm. u.
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disappearance of the lesions has been known to occur, but this is
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strengthen self-control and that subconscious inhibition which govern us
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person who inflicts injury upon another ; but he is exonerated not because
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(b) As the end point of a titration is approached it may be
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and though in the great majority of the cases these symptoms pass off,
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is the starting-point of the experimental physiological study of the sweat-
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occurs without any apparent cause ; it is much more violent and pro-
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always a post-epileptic phenomenon. This state much resembles somnam-
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these situations being thin, moist, and free from hairs, determines the
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tion in a case of supposed facial spasm : the one is, whether the genuine
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tion from various sources on the "curiosities of medicine and
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however, admitted by this author as an epiphenomenon.
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finds it impossible to concentrate his attention, or, ultimately, to take any
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taining any heavy metallic powders. It alone is sufficient in many
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bled twice or thrice a year, either because he was ill and
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Immediately or remotely it may cause insanity. It may produce delirium
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action. At the age of four or five months some control of movements
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in determining the genus to which any particular species belongs. In
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brown, occasionally deepening into black ; it is usually darker than that
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One very remarkable form of the disease has been described by
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with a particular nurse, it is best to make a change. In severe cases
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continent, especially in Germany, the name epithelioma is applied to
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"Ringed Nodules on the Hands." Colcott Pox, Brit. Journ. Dermat. vol. vii.
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tagion is generally the barber's brush. The initial lesion is a red scaly
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4. Of digestive symptoms. — Hysteria and dyspepsia are often hopelessly
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with serosity. For the rest, some authors describe the papules as a
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— 18. Tuke, Batty. Insanity of Over-exertion of the Brain. Edinburgh, 1896. —
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often found in the centre of the smooth surface of the papule. Torok
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persequitur virum." For after soaring to some precipitous mountain
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was able to confirm Richaud's opinion (1884) that L. ruber acuminatus
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year by year ; it may spring up almost in epidemic form one year in
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charge, the coexistence of copious sweating, and the concomitant etio-
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blast). In pernicious anemia and related conditions
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of the skin, it will soothe the nerves, bring sleep, and improve the
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pounds such as liquor carbonis picis (B.P.), or alkaline or alcoholic
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pectation and of sympathy, might well cure many cripples
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The following table gives the results of analytical inquiry into the
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blue. In about one-third of these cells, so-called "azure
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the bodily defects. "Whilst some modification may be required to meet
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Fig. 2 shows the invasion of the nose ; in Fig. 3 the whole oph-
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Causes. — The commonest cause is some reflex nervous hyperaemia
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soil, is shaken out and perhaps inhaled during the attendant digging
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the legs, to persist and take on a chronic form. When these remnants

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