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result from that method of treatment. I remember, however, one case

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Hemorrhage from the lungs, bleeding from the lungs,

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uftices. The patient, reclining in a comfortable position on a couch (as

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kemia. I do not maintain that it was myelogenous leukemia, but I should

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The splenic tumor is much more important. It grows, as a rule,

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permitted unrestricted intercourse with the healthy. A

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begins with actual operation, implying a mild use of all

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depends on the location and kind of fracture as well as the finger

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abrupt first sound of mitral stenosis being caused by the

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Kobert Symes, a private of the 74th regiment, on whom

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The former are never surgically clean and we believe that their

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and an angle of a triangle being known, the other side and angles may

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tices are not closed to non-Medicaid patients, these

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are heard most often a little below and to the left of the umbilicus,

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Extract from a Report on the History of the Surgery of Tennessee.

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piration 68, temperature lOli^. April 26th, condition about tlie same

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patient, a female, aged sixty-four years, married, had been in

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This mechanism also has been shown in other patients with these diseases.

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all other signs of this disease with which you are familiar. She

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-ith the brcil^us described 'ay .bercfth, and ;.Thffky. As

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the condition of things by local examination, the history of the case may

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average for 10 years ; and that April alone is an exception

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digitalis when compensation is established is emphasized, and if the physi-

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larynx and inserting the "wing" obturators, so that one could deal directly

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" The Moors, according to their religion, cannot think the departed

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weeks from the time of onset was completely cured, thus

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As typhoid fever is a disease that can be prevented by proper

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cavities, (iii.) The cerebro-spinal fluid cannot transmit a local rise of

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avoiding air bubbles. As the acid emerges at the bottom the

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Hemorrhagic Variola. — It is necessary to distinguish two forms — the

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3. Normal rabbit serum shows the same characteristics in its effect on

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