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Hinton test was negative. At that time, 3.75 millicuries

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A second heifer — No. 258 — was at once inoculated with an emulsion of one of

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urticaria, penicillin and other drug sensitizations, food allergy,


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at operation on January 21, 1936. The pathologist. Dr, F. C.

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♦Friedreich. Syphilis des Herzens, Wien, 1889, 67; cited by Posselt

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the pulmonary vessels were syphilitic, although the author concluded that

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The foreproiiiii: eoni'Iiisioii led I'aton aiiil his eo-w mhi'is to eomi>are iIm

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It is of considerable theoretical importance to confirm this finding.

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partial reini.val of the '.'laii.l is sai'I lo ameliorate the sympt'iliis. Other

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a dizzy spell." For the past ten days there has been a good deal of

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for the treatment, and the complications arising during its use are the

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fourth generation, grown upon dog serum. The health of the animal

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.R. C. Lanning Ste. Genevieve R. W. Lanning JSte. Genevieve

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time These lapses hee„me move and more fre.,nent, nnt.l at last com-

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to earboxyl rCIIO - (CUOm, - COOII). It is probably produced ,nde

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plied over the same eMeiit of area In sueh a ease the stimulus that

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At first glance, it would seem as if the experiments in the precipita-

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Heart. — ^Weight, 300 gm. The epicardium contains an abundance of fat;

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who would properly say, “Well, we see cell clusters

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returned after one month's amelioration of the symptoms, and the

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