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free, yet judicious use of both, as being adapted to the nature of man, and directly

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present. For Giardia, for instance, we have found that in

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When direct transfusion is not feasible the citrate method is

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Bacteriolysis (bak^te-re-oris-is). The destruction or solution of

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give rise to. The summer heat is tempered by refreshing sea-

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region should not be scrupulously avoided by operators, as

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the urethra ; it is, lastly, par excellence, a disease of old age. b.

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ceptionally bad seasons, as in 1857, when the summer in Ciorfii

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oped in the body by immunizing doses of arsenous acid.

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behaviour of alkaloids when submitted to heat, that they partly sub-

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In 1913 he was complaining chiefly of general weakness and

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light. Their growth is not wholly dependent on the decomposition of water ; but

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state, before it will cease to show its impurities through the medium of the cancer.

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until no more ammonia is liberated, and after dilution, filtration,

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worst forms the attack is sudden, and commences generally in

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tion firom the noirmal standard of physical and intellectual man,

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On May 26th, 1866, 1 injected the -^^th of a grain of strychnia

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Casb 3. — James N — , a sailor, set. 28. .Came under my care

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ii nee, he knows little or nothing of chemistry or medicine; a knowl-

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stitutions, disappointments in lovo, self-pollution, or the diseases of prostitution

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had received a severe blow upon the knee : the second was that

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entrance to the delta of the Danube, that the earliest manifestation

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together in apartments of disproportioned size, and kept to work for an improper

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and the advancement of the cells of the mucous layer between the

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output with marked retention of blood constituents. From

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examined my patient, can tell him what tod,,. If inflation is needed, as is some-

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ter be saved, and herself more securely kept from the dangers of falling into prosti-

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menced to translate it into Oerman. Their intentions became

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want of proper exercise, intense anxiety of mind, depressing passions, superfluous

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brain, and the prompt action of bromine on these two great nervous

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lungs, heart, and stomach, (the most vital organs of the human body,) and thus bring

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wind, the hjrgrometric condition of the atmosphere, the degree of

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