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Knowlton E. Barber, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery (Genito-urinary).

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Anatomy of the Central Nervous System.— W., 8:00-10:00. Autumn. Watkins.

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such a conclusion, and entire certainty is seldom attainable. The most im-

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heart and blood vessels. One phase of the subject considered each quarter. Lectures and

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theless be admitted that the varieties of aphasia that have been described

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[Gowers has given the name of ataxic paraplegia to a class of cases of

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they split up. The ganglion cells of the bulb form neurons of the second

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William Piutherford Ancram, 75, Inverness-terrace, Ken-

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diploma will bear the seal of the School and the signature of the Director.

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Candidates must have passed their Primary examination. Two

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The Hyde Memorial Fellowship is for research in skin diseases and cancer. The

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2i guineas ; unlimited, 4 guineas. Practical Chemistry— One course,

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atica. The regular use of simple warm or hot baths (half an hour daily at a

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epidemic felt that there was not sufficient reason to adopt the term Heine-

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lation is probably the surest. The incubation period after inoculation was

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Wilham Henry Elliot, M.D. Glasgow, B Oliver ie House,

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has the privilege of recommending for the consideration of the Committee on Fellow-

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curricnlum for the M,B. and CJH, degrees is of four years' duration.

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the atrophy, the less is the mobility. Finally, it becomes quite impossible to

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3 J. Clinic and Conference Course at the Cook County Hospital. — Topics: Autumn,

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nevertheless, allow three months' deduction, and admit students to

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butter, fresh meat, eggs, simple puddings, artificial foods, etc., are appropri-

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cHnlc. Oltcttts relttfoRsHfp M<tti (Mtrons of the zoonoses control clinic.

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DisecLses of ChUd/ren: The clinic is on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and

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eerUJicixte of merit; Pathology of Cattle, Sheep, &c. — ^first, silver medal;

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wishing to compete for scholarships and to possess the other priyileges

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There is one point, however, yet to be considered. Even if we cling to the

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It reminds one forcibly of the acute poliomyelitis of children, with a difference

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myelia. The results of lumbar puncture may be of the greatest assistance in

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recognised by the Unirersity Court ; " or, he must have been engaged

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more or less profoundly affected. The weight decreases, the temperature is

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at the commencement of the second session.; or three instalments,

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involved upon both sides receive at least a portion of their motor nervous

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color and of practically defects. " Since little of a crop will be free eimu^ of <tefects

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but during the convulsive stage they are widely dilated, and do not react at

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or Thome. For Umversiiy etsawinaMons ; Medicine, Aitkin, Bristowe,

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