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on Tuesday evening; the lawn party for the ladies by

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their relationship with adjacent tissues is not lost. If multiplica-

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hol, ether, volatile oils, digitalis maintain heart action in

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aspire cleito glass

emaciation and pallor ; poor appetite ; movements awkward ;

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inch of paper will produce enough ink to last for a consid-

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becomes concentrated by evaporation to an extent exceeding

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with the lateral and anterior; one-half of the spinal

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child to say " cube." An arrest of this process on the sensory

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objections, possess neither force nor ingenuity. " The auditory

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of the truth of what is alleged ; viz., that 105 con-

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that time there was manifest improvement in health and

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tain granular and oily casts ; autopsy. — Mary Mc, an Irish domestic,

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alimentation for some days, improvement and final re-

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could fulfil but a single, and, perhaps, not well-founded indication, substi-

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XV. of my thesis) ; however, I have refrained from drawing too posi-

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the disease to the children under their charge ; of mothers and wet-nurses,

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troenteritis, but at no time has she been compelled to go to bed.

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are usually the first to manifest themselves, and may consist either in

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the evenings after a meal. The sensation of 'goose-flesh' is often

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time to time clonic convulsions of the lower extremities

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sions great weakness ; but it is much worse when the misfortune has been caused

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the close resemblance which exists between the general morbid anatomy

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lighter forms there is little or no elevation of temperature during the whole

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small catheter aids in accomplishing this purpose. Acute

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Treatment. — The pain may generally be removed by

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or to John Wiley, or G. P. Putnam, New York; or W. D. Ticknor, Boston; or M. Hector

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Dr. Henry O. Marcy, of Boston, had operated in 1HS7 for

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by endomyocardial biopsy in patients with idiopathic congestive cardiomyopathy. J

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generously toward that hospital. I will not vouch for the

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energy and show results. ^^^^ "P ^^^ advantages and disadvantages

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cise symptoms of the case, and the treatment, previous to the*

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power of producing black pigment appears to be, in most

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movements and neuroleptics revealed several reports

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and did well without local gastric treatment. Eight

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the lens or rupture of the hyaloid membrane. Mr. Bowman

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