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ing that apart from the obvious secretion of a gland other and more recon-

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the history of a case of hernia of the inguinal variety, in which

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"That as to 'persons holding certificates of examination,' the Board

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arms ; finally the bilateral movement is only given very slowly — no

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language of a great lawyer, traffickers in evidence. It is not surprising to I

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tions of hysteria and of insanity, it is probably premature to generalise on

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ment of the heart's pulsation, is now told to ascend hilb,

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The symptoms for which she was admitted had begun nineteen years

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article of diet allowed for two days. A stomachic tonic

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membrane. When this occurs, the character of the affection is, of course.

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twins one of the children (the firstborn) being as dark as negro children

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in the human system! Strange delusion ! ! But this delusion arises from.'

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and he went about for several days with a wire protruding from one

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impulse and the sense of ai^proaehing- death. His phj'siciaii,

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ing revision of the Pharmacopeia in the professions of both

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having quite abated, he discontinued the lime-water, and took

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Unfortunately, that’s a promise that’s easy to make,

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et seq.); the rare arterial liver pulse (p. 198), and the Oliver-Cardarelli

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Prof. Kelly, I found that while the emulsion completely

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porary cerebral disturbances in patients who have a tendency to

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In this same eventful year — 1818 — Keats finishes a new poem,

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abdominal tumor, as a differential point, is likely to lead to error in tlie diagnosis.

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and would again be washed and sterilized before being used.

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appearance of coagulation and the solidification of the entire mass. No control

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is sometimes as difficult to deal with in the way of prevention as gon-

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to a considerable extent throughout the intestinal tract.

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and six doses of 0.9 gm. of neosalvarsan here at weekly intervals. As no

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intestine, passing out by both outlets, the anus and the arti-

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able us quickly to determine its nature. The unnatural

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this Society. The subject of his graduating thesis was

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up the nasal flux. This mode of treatment has been repeatedly em-

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the exception of the intramural and intravesical incarceration of calculi,

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