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anaemia and the number of parasites present." Viola^^ believes that the de-

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aged persons, than those at either extreme of life, is that the

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the disease soon becomes apparently cured. Its complete cure, however,

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with one hand, and forcibly flexes it so as to put the

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dies early. The other abstains and lives a long, use-

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Practical Medicine Series of Year Books. Vol. IX. August, 1902.

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from giving way to their impatience and temper. Cruel treatment is

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ever since, in addition to die treatment advocated by Dr.

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blood or chloroform, the sudden dilatation of the right ventricle produced

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a blow from a wooden sword on the right side of the head, followed immediately by loss

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made about two inches long. On opening the peritoneum, the cseciun appeared, and

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nieur, Beil, 18K1, iv, 629: 1882, v, 36. -; . Ciinalisatiou


secretion it is usually very dry and may be either glossy and shiny

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in beer, w r e may conceive that diseases, produced by animalcules,

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The most common side effects in chnical trials were cough (5.9%) and nervousness (3.1%).

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It I Th Wlt \ SUCh Tt lty a ? d eaSe aS SCarce1 ^ t0 be accompanied by pan?

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army officer who fell on the point of a bayonet. Hysteri

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Our methods for testing for the presence of a proteolytic ferment

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The opinion is gaining ground among hospital super-

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a large amount of the other present. I have already mentioned

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the uterus was displaced forwards and to the left by a tender elastic

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of inpatient services where indicated, and the supportive

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which would at once account for a child dying either during delivery or soon

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tion was rapidly losing its interest and dwindling into insignificance.

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Hence it is that so often a hypodermic needle fails to find

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that the ferment cannot destroy it. The first opinion, though

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and childhood, but not minutely. The main features of the

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established. There are 12,122 insane persons in the asylums of the

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allay irritation. I scarcely have a severe case of this disease, and were it not

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of the general reader, is that on Stonehenge, by Pro-

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