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County Association. If the same order of meetings is main-
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but not hypertrophied. A small purplish pile appeared anteriorly also
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of areca-nut is to be administered. If the appetite is entirely
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The time over which these statistics extends is five
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dog could run along in a lively manner, revealing no
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Street, Edinburgh. The Chair was occupied by Professor Lay cock,
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mained sugar free without restriction in diet. Blood-pressure
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ni6d.-quir. de la Habana. 1897, xxiii, 286-21M , — Pleliii (A.)
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Such an effort would violate Congress' direction. Absent evidence, it
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tions pertaining to its arrangement, the Hst of medicines, etc.
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healing art. They denied that immediate intervention
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commonly employed for the detection of the gonococ-
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Dr. Smith's Manual of Operative Surgery is the second
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we have shown, a better receptable for the sick than hitherto has been
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that damage came to our prestige? If we exalted the char-
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ojH'ration or snlisefpiently. he bad been able to settle tb(> relation of the
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In considering this diagram the query arises. How near
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ard authority on this department of medical science.
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this school, to declare their sentiments by ballot.
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disabled from following any of the active pursuits of life ; in fact,
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parasites, or free spores (Marchiafava and Bignami). This origin of
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logical state of the senses, that the will should triumph. He
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Physician took time to tell patients how they are doing 77
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