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labour or other exercises. A supersensitiveness both to internal and external

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membrane of the throat slightly inflamed ; thirst moderate ; tempera-

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and non-infectious diseases — typhoid, cholera, etc. (groups 1 and 3).


to the effects of those of a temperature greater than that of the human

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Dr. fieaumont, showing that each and all advocated a diet of vegetable

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exhausting the air, and making the collapsed bladder adhere tightly all

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of the hip, namely the flexors of the knee and the dorsal flexors of the foot.

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she was made to feel carefully of the article with the name pasted upon

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whether the bowels were constipated or relaxed ; and, we repeat, that

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13th. Was convalescent. Her fever left her again on the 8th. Or-

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these very renowned authorities were as fond of roast beef as the

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combined with any of the drugs mentioned, according to the nature of

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is granular. The ventricles, chiefly the lateral, are dilated, and contain

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deposits to which these springs owe their peculiar name of White Sal-

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of pepsine is obtained by steeping the mucous membrane of any animal's

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1. Mechanical Effects of Enlarged Thymus. — In most cases direct

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arch of the orbit, must present an exception to the above mode ; to

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that of the English surgeons, who wish to consider the priority in la-

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tinea ciliaris, 1 ; do. capitis, I ; ulcers, various, 10 ; do. scrofulous, 4 ;

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Consumption, 3— dropsy in the bead, L<*boopiDg cough, 9— inflammation of the braiu, 1 — m rwi^m,

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the vitelline and not by the allantoidal vessels. More or less complete

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regards the nitrogenous constituents of the urine : the urea is diminished,

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of the seventh. The fact of its regular termination, as well as its regu-

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forty rollings per minute, and continued for two or three minutes.

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the lips are covered with froth ; the post-mortem stains may be light red

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Reed made a few observations in favor of the bill. It was proper

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tareatiBg onB.-^AIthough it may be considered an aberration from the

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alimentary canal into the sulphate, but while this is a less soluble compound

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Hotel Dieu was facilitated by the late surgeon Boyer, of whose family

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and possibly, even when not due to perforation, laparotomy would offer the

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