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plaining of pain in the chest and shortness of breath. The heart dulness

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tion whether it is invariably so. Dr. Turner (M'Call Anderson's

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enings take the form of nodular swellings much more localized than

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The Action of the Various Female Remedies on the Excised Intestine

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Many theories as to its causation have been advanced. With the devel-

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summarized in Table 17. One of the patients had an indefinite record

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ture by adding hydrochloric acid to solutions of metaphosphoric were incon-

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tion ( Chamaeliriwm lutcum), were the same in each series.

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of any increase in size, or of murmur save that which may be attrib-

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would neither have been fair to the writer nor tolerable hj the

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times, before the nature of the disease process was known, such an

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of a year; on post-mortem examination the pulmonary valves were

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tendons Halliburton has found in each of four cases a slight excess of

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the abdominal aorta are the situations from which saccular dilata-

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vein. There is a disturbance of the lymphatic circulation. Pur-

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Fig. 1. — Portion of omentum from rabbit vitally stained by intravenous

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dispersed over the body, and often involving bony structures, joints

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fruit in summer, but none in winter. For the seven in the family, five children

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twenty -eight pounds) to the natural weight of the body.

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on the other days. The supply of fresh vegetables is small in the

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three months. During their stay in the hospital these patients had

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developed visible sign. The lividity and oedema may be manifested

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the rise of the Ambard factor during our experiments as an indica-

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The diagnosis necessitates further separation from hysteria,

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marked as time goes on. The skin is dry and rough, and the super-

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results. This is very evident in certain of Mohr's experiments. Still

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reducing agent, glucose, in considerable quantity, it seemed worth

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These had persisted. About six months ago he began to have pain in the chest

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examined no change has been found. In one case of myxcedema

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all yield approximately like amounts of glucose in metabolism (Janney

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nicotin were recorded, and 5 c.c. of normal horse serum were injected

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occur in exophthalmic goitre apparently as a direct result of the dis-

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tion of the apex are within the normal limits ; the aorta shows no

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thromboplastic substance appears to be normal in hemophilic tissue and

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with the antecedent cases. The pellagrins studied have been grouped

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production of symptoms, nevertheless one may say in general that

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