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the blade had impinged. A minute sequestrum of bone was dis-

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Ebt. VI.— Die Krankhaften Qeschwulste. Dreissig Vorlesnngen gehalten

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of the disease in this region occurred ; this was at the beginning of

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in a o-reat proportion of cases; but there were a large number which seemed

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Giving the first place to our own countryman, we hail

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tissue^ unattended with fever or local inflammatory symptoms.

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death the congestion of the nervous centres and the condition of

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constant arrivals of sick transports and other infected vessels from the seat of war,

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The affirmative of this question seems to us to be so firmly established, that it

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water used in the house. On the 23rd, he was seized with marrhcea,

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trated with it; the endocardium was likewise thickened by deposit of the same

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below zero. The seasons do not, as in more temperate regions, glide imper-

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