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tain. This in its Roots , Leaves , Stalks , Heads ,

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Markham, George E., Obituary of, E. J. McKnight, 237

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rendering acclimation difficult, valvular diseases of the heart

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as there were Flowers, which are longer and fmaller

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the Stalk is alfo like but it differs from the former

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It should be stated that as high an authority as Lawson Tate

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the tube by a deep and superficial row of sutures. The tube

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cold Water ; fo have you 1 Cater and Oil, which you

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And now who favors this bill ? Well, I think the great, in-

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Drams •, or fo reduced to a Pap mix all and digeft

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The first steps in the operation for the removal of the intrathoracic

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boiled in Milk or Poflet-drink, and fweetned a lit-

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or th t Juice, being bathed on any place flung with

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and fimple Contuftons 5 and is effeflual, being ap-

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Lugduncnfis , and Gerard, taking it to be a kind of

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ity, the entire subject may be epitomized, as a treatment in a condi-

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hr unella, Italic a Bauhini , ( in his Phytcpinax ; ) but

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This as a ground work, with the information coming from the

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t :itb long broad Leaves lying upon the Ground , in

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Diuretick, cleanles the Reins and Bladder, and fo is

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10. Juncus capitulis equifieti alter-. The leffer Aglet

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but growing higher than that , but much like it, Ja-

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and fmaller ; the Spikes are alfo lmaller and fhort-

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tive, a mental condition that has existed from birth or an early age

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after, and thro’ the whole Month of January , and

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i. e. y?ar, ittro die vigens ; The Gold-red Baftard

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Houfhold Bread , then taking it forth, dtflil all , viz.

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Auftria. This does not much differ from the l aft nei-

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the firft, but according to Clufius, the Difference is

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n;, y be ma le to grow fo, naturally again. It grows

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the molt Orient Flower of all other Red Gillifiowers ,

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many hoary Leaves, ftttaller than thofe of the frfi

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