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uncontaminated waters in some localities in greatly larger amount.^
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food, on the one hand, or the diminished strength and vigor which
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is rapidly lost by its volatility, or it is converted in the blood into formic acid
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it is not to be taken as a denial of the fact of its occurrence.
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of disease under the heads predisposing and exciting. Later
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stances that will give it the widest possible influence. To this end, if she
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less tapering ends, and as a rule present a curved or crescentic form
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catamenia generally disappear, she was attacked with a train of unfa-
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A. M. Phelps declares that these experiments should be
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he supposes, from several causes; as exposure to cold and mois-
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ries growing smaller and smaller as they extend upward toward the
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tor following it. The urethrotome is next run along the groove in
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suture to the skin of the thigh, or a wire mattress.
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disturbance, and by a marked prodromal stage. In scarlatina sine
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India station, or in those ships moored next to them. The
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3. In another we had the peculiar fibroid indura-
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and in two of the cases there was headache, vertigo,
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preventing escape of the bacilli, as a firmly clinging crust is formed. Disinfection
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only astigmatism present, in the vast majority there being
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digestion, retained urine, and bad dreams were respon-
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and the suitors at the end of the Odyssey. Perhaps the phrenes that the
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degenerate and die off. A fresh agar culture is prepared from the water of condensa-
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which in themselves would offer abundant material for spe-
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with by the critics. Brown-Sequard has loaded it with one
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Antimony. — Symptoms. — Similar to those occasioned by acids, with
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diploma, by accepting only those granted by institutions requir-
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exhort those reformers who have taken the matter in hand not
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formity following mal-united fracture in a man aged thirty. In two of
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double-spaced and the original copy. An abstract of 100-200 words and a list of references should accompany each article.
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appears some weeks after an abortion, with symptoms of irregular and severe
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■would maintain that in a living growing mushroom
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from eighteen inches to two feet in length, exceptional
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(Fish), In 1811,.Amell stated that "the blood drawn in the early stage

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