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emetic in wine glassful doses, taken once in ten to

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which a few days later was even surpassed. The trickery

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matter had been admitted during the operation. I should then use Atlee's

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of it, a high and honorable position in the profession has been readily

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occasion to question the administration of 25 institutions, but in many

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\-et that even these his " failings leaned to virtue's side."

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that consumption, rheumatism, Lypho-malarial fever,

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"5. Contact with the evacuations is therefore exceedingly dangerous.

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age at which it has been possible to make an absolutely definite diagnosis.

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midnight. At the autopsy on the 6th, the following were the most im-

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sufficient quantity to produce sleep. Pure Alcohol, properly diluted, is perhaps, prefer-

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Railway Surgery," and read the same before the Section

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opening of the hospital in 1877, after the outbreak of fever in 1876. Although

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enlarged ovum, and we might expect to find it entire upon its posterior and

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ton, Dr. William H. Mercur of Pittsburgh, Dr. Bissel of

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will not tally with that of the first man. If I hand it to a third, he

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AjBsistant Adjunct Surgeon and Associate in Surgical Pathology,

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but to this subject I will return ; neither were these bubbles found by

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For appointments, call: (304) 599-6627 or (800) 333-6627

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Earl, H. C, and J. O'Carroll, aneurysm of aorta, 433.

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ShtJO (unfrequent) breathing^ when Jess frequent than in health, and

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FiRTii, Dr. Joseph Thomas Fohdbs, at 45, Union-road, Rotherhithe, on

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was most appropriate, and he did not abandon the case

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dences of a generalized infection in 9 of the cases; and this was always

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individual doctor which is made possible with the county medical

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done under the circumstances. They have been miserably handi-

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being made by the Conunissioners of Public Charities in

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11. But there are some plasters which combine these two properties: {that is,

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free except for adhesions along the posterior border of the left and, what is

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