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sphere. Wliy should not men of science be encouraged to

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in field and pasture. 2d. Who deliver milk daily to any one, desiring it, from the

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may be distributed equally amongst them, or one may obtain

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the ear, inclusive of the conjunctiva, cornea, and eyelids, the mucous

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lasts, there is always progressive wasting of the whole

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First attacks usually last longer than subsequent ones ; the more

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pure acid in solution (5 to 10 per cent.) should be injected

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graduates constituted only forty-eight per cent of all en-

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with the " low mortality," as it has been called, of the

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within the sphere of what is called, in some of its degrees or phases, fermenta-

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Dr. J. Bl.\ke White, of New York, said that a shoit

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causing the animal to walk on joints; deformed or badly crooked legs.

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followed the operation. Tlie average number of cases of stran-

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Thionin has been highly recommended by Marchoux. It is em-

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I have never seen abscesses or any other bad symptom

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These Dlaces he from about 20 to 35 degrees north or south

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the powers of nature being at length quite exhausted, his pulse

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The number of bacteria in water depends somewhat upon the man-

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leaving their nuclei unaffected. The explanation of these cases

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Wright and Douglas employed with satisfaction Leishman's

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the analogy, we shall be able to shadow forth a vague and indefinite

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defect leading to accommodative or oculomotor strain.

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administered. These cases were hopeless, and most of

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reciprocation of day and night, and the seasons, in their bearing

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warmly advocated by many who, with Dr. Stevens, believed

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man hais said that humanized virus originally came from a cow.

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vaginal amputation of the uterus for rupture — the first successful case of the kind,

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In six of these cases clots existed in the crural, iliac, hypogastric, or uterine

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his left hand, that being the hand nearer the heart and

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will proceed at once to describe it, and will begin by saying

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certain amount of anaemia has been produced fhcro is no further fall, and

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pancreas or the alkaline intestinal juice tlie intestinal mucous membrane. It must

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