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developed in the course of rheumatism. Endocarditis, like pericarditis,

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centripetal degeneration of nerves, so admirably worked out by

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with an officer at its head who should be assisted in

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Paralysis may disappear within 24 hours; whereas after

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It will be seen from the above communication thatlvasibe

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last eight years the institution managed by him has

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leucocytosis (15,000 to 30,000) and also a secondary anemia. Mark

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tions of a pint of water at a timie regularly convenient to the patient,

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ence of it was slight. Its merits and demerits have long been known

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flakes of true pus coming at the end. The bone was com-

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Whitehead, L. Weber, E. S. F. Arnold, and G. M. Smith.

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experiments with several drugs reputed to have very much the same

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is based largely the allusion above to certain surgeons referring

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ing pains in the head or cheeks, and pulsative pains, and a sensation as if

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through the internal os, wbich was greatly contracted and uudilat-

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fever in Germany failed to draw that obvious inference to which

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(apoplexy), since those strangled often die apoplectic. It only

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beneficial ; also friction over the lumbar region, with stimu-

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Dr. M. V. Washburn, of Indiana, has located at El Modena.

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the corpuscles are counted. For greater accuracy two counting-chambers may be

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far more commonly it is microbian (tuberculosis, distemper,

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been taken. In three hours all toxic symptoms had disap-

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Redtenbacher anticipates the objection as to the value of these obser-

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were similar in appearance, though the acini were not so much elon-

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28. Gordis L: Effectiveness of comprehensive-care programs in preventing

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and Prophylaxis " : and on the third day " The Diseases of

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there shall be no taxation without representation, no appropriat-

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