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of all philanthropic people should be secured in this matter. A

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Probably the social conditions of town life are of much more importance

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Besides these extreme phases of the disease there is an

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to if not the same as the suprahepatic abscess described by Cantlie.^

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bin Matson, director of the Minneapolis War Memorial

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form for the physical examination of officers of the Regular Army

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toilet soaps and tooth and soap powder, in which the antiseptic is

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Most examples occurrfid in the lower class of patients, and the complication

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posed." "Equine matter, vaccine lymph, variolous matter — each, when

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tiple metastases are found in the absence of a primary tumor of

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may be delivered by thrusting the hand immediate^ through the placenta,

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In the case of the older and Intelligent patients, I place an

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nephritis, and contained a few groups of miliary ab-

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faradiques snr le gyrus .signioiile du chien. Compt. rend.

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This work is in tended especially for veterinarians,

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S. Francis, bookseller, Broadway, New York city; Mr. Thomas R. Hampton,

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kind until it becomes of a gray color, a brown eschar is formed, which is de-

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and Private Practice. — By Sir John Eose Cormack,

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tremors or twitchings of the muscles, particularly of the face, and tetanic

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individual case. I would like to warn against what I believe

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to the Commanding General, Division of the Pacific, for

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walls, the bronchial walls, the adventitia of bloodvessels, and

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strong pressure, especially on the extremities, produced the same result.

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was again withdrawn for a short time, when the press-

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which frequently bite thr mgh the substance of the gland and

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studied in cases which result from mechanical causes, viz., in cases

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chairs recently estabhshed in the Medical Department

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the human race ; and man in reality is his own worst enemy, because

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to apply for treatment during its early stages. He inclines to

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vision, for if this ciliary muscle does not act, he can see

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ovum was either in a state of complete maturation, or detached, and on its way

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much gratified, not only to see twelve Stramonium seeds expelled,

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