Symmetrel And Influenza A
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sufficed, whereas in general tetanus, treated by other remedies, enormous

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Resection of part of the tongue was followed some days later by the

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with sufficient determination upon the part of the patients, will

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carbon dioxid content of the blood must be increased above the normal.

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Until about two years ago his mind was still pretty ac-

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215 Summit Street, Batavia 14020. Tel: 716/343-6076.

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twelve normal male subjects who took saccharin, with five con-

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sheet anchor in the treatment of bronchial asthma is iodin, usually in the

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agreed that the issues of diet, occupation, recreation, and mental training

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the water is often polluted and that the municipal supplies are

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soil, and any piece of the root possessing one or more buds is

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bladder was found to contain many stones — one large one in a dilatation

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Anorectal Disease Due to Venereal Infection. By James A. Mc-

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only the first three cardinal principles have been included

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nurse with good sense can instruct an ignorant mother in many

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Ume. cold. The pupil, become dilated and exprewire ofdelfaZT

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beme. clean during picking ««,^n lie" J^' ""^^ *" ""«? ««

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which has the property of neutralizing such antiferment. So

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great industrial state. But in the field of health statistics, vital statistics,

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ence. His manuscript is more than a tribute; it is an

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sessile, subchorionic hemorrhages. In mole there are the usual early

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He shall collect, on or before the first day of May in

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from the University of Bonn in 1938. He was an attending

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Fraenkel had apparently shown that epinephrin, for the sake of brevity we

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an exception to the labelling is provided when the physician

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cotic antagonist and will precipitate a withdrawal reac-

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field. Thirty-seven states have added tuberculosis to their list of

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the second session of the same Congress merely takes up

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to rotate before any traction is made, no matter what the position of the

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by Peden et al., 11,16 Heird et al., 6,13 Driscoll et al., 10

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much payment, nothing at all commensurate with the service

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coln, the beloved country doctor of my boyhood town. He was of

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pital, promoted to professor of clinical neurology; and

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'!'• T vork of diseased kidneys must be hooked up to a

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age within reach of the old crib, and although greatly diluted, is

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that there is no such actual disease as traumatic neurosis. Most of the

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