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To obtain this practical knowledge, no special skill is required; the ordinary use of the microscope, haemoglobinometer, and hsemocytometer, can, with a little practice, obtain the necessary data. All indubitable cases of this nature were those in which a post-mortem examination was BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. A camphorated zinc ointment (Lassar's formula) was ordered for inunctions and as a plaster. When this is done, as I am pleased to say, in some secure the end we have in view, namely, the general acceptance of the principle of hospital isolation for the infectious sick of all classes. A silver replica memher of the family and to the scientilic bodies whicli had (tcnitiibuted towards it. The first is natural and inconstant, but kills some germs; the next influoncos the organism in which the germs develop and may arrest microbial growth that way; the last or antitoxin power exerts itself on the toxic products only. French writers regard it as a form of gonorrhoeal rheumatism. Extensive racemose angioma on the extremities offers greater difficulties, as the tying of the large number of vessels which require this may give rise to gangrene, so that amputation must be considered in the treatment of such tumors. The blood-pressure rises and the pulse increases in amplitude and volume. He found, too, that when the mother was the consumptive parent, the proporlion of conHumptivo children was larger than when the father was the affected parent, which he explained by the fact that during infancy the child" lies for liours daily in its mother's arms, and afterwards lies much by her side, breathing the tainted air of her sheltered rooms." If the infant may acquire the disease from the milk of tuberculous cows, why not also from that of its diseased mother? We may not claim then that any case of cutaneous tuberculosis in any form is inherited until every possible source of extrauterine infection has been eliminated. The tumor required aspirating a third time a week later, when it was the retraction and the tumor has not recurred. This false modesty must be shocked and the public must openly recognize the frightful evil of prostitution and its results. The present volume makes an interesting and connected story of the development of the human body; at the same time each chapter is fairly complete in itself, thus facilitating reference to any. Uncovering the mummy of Rameses XL, king of Egypt, the oppressor of the Jews in the time of Moses. In new applicants, it would seem as if there could scarcely be a doubt as to the advisability of rigid requirements for those hoping to become employees, and yet some ultrapractical railroad men and general surgeons believe that perfect eyes and ears are unnecessary requisites for such applicants. The sebaceous glands are numerically proportionate to the hair follicles and are normal in structure. Let the toxins be relatively too strong and cellular activity is stopped; let them be too slight in amount and the stimulation is not sufficient to produce any overflow into the i)lood.

There was entire absence of the cell degeneration aboul the gas cysts, described by and often the small arteries were idled with bacilli.

About as thick as one of the lumbricales ol the hand, but varying a good deal, it arises from the transverse process of the seventh cervical vertebra, and sometimes from the sixth also, descends and spreads out on the top of the The deeper part seems to be always fibrous.

The volunteers, however, were segregated and under special guard, and no communication was who resided at the camp throughout the study. After the operation the patient continued to grow worse, and many small abscesses developed upon the arms, legs, and body.

The chief indication is to keep the passages open; electrization does this speedily, painlessly and without hemorrhage, and is furthermore antiseptic. As to the source of the drinking water, those in the neighborhood of streams and rivers use this source of supply; farther inland they use wells, so the goitrous districts may be divided into those using well water and those using river water.

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